We are one of the biggest reenacting group in the Czech Republic, several dozens of friends. For the large events, we collaborate with other friends from similar reacting groups and even extend this number.

       In 2010, Monika and Jirka Sklenar finished renovation their M8 Ford Light Armored Car called Detroit. With a jeep owned by Walker started using the name of the Sixteenth Armored Division, and take part in the WWII re-enactment events. Tomas joined them in summer of the same year, first as a war photographer and later as a member of the crew. In 2011 at the reenacting event "the Bailey Bridge", Pavel Rogl joined the group with his M8 Ford Car called Donna Mike. The formation of the enthusiastic reenactors, calling themselves the Sixteenth Armored Division, just began. Gradually, the additional guys attended and the group raised up to the biggest reenacting cluster in the Czech Republic. Since 2010 year, our vehicle fleet exploded in to various armored vehicles; light, medium and heavy trucks, as well as bunch of special machines, including the Piper airplane.