Welcome to the website of the 16th Armored Division Reenactors

We are a group of friends, WWII reenactors.  Our hobby is WWII history, military vehicles, weapons, army equipment and uniforms. We present American 16th Armored division and commemorate WWII events for our pleasure as well as for the education of general public. The "Sixteenth" had liberated Pilsen, the biggest town in western Bohemia.  The history of division is closely related to the history of our country. Every year, we take a part in the commemoration of the WWII end and the liberation of the south-west Bohemia. We are the partner of Pilsen municipality for organizing the liberation anniversary and we have the close collaboration with Historical Military Institute to make sure that our performance, vehicles and gear is as close as possible to the realia. We participate in various re-enactments events, among others a less known, however appealing "Mission Velichovky".

Another significant part of our activity is the collection and preservation of WW II vehicles and gear. The 16th Armored Division Club is gradually growing, new friends are joining and the triangular patch with the "Sixteenth" can be seen more and more often.