Year 2018 events

Liberation of Cheb 2018-08

We started in the most western Czech town. Typical show of urban fight.

Trip to Sumava mountains - Kvilda 2018-04

This year withoutr show. Battle in the middle of mountains, in the beautiful nature.

Liberty run 2018 - in the footprints of US Army, from German border up to Pilsen.

Liberation of Pilsen 2018-05
Commemoration of WW II end and liberation of the biggest Czech town. WW II military camp and convoy of historical vehicals through the town.

Velichovky Mission 2018-05
Peace mission of 16th Armored Division from Pilsen to a little spa Velichovky.

Red Ball Express, Tankové Dny Laugaricio. 2018-07

Normandy with 82nd A/B 2018-07

115th Aniversary of Harley-Davidson in Prague 2018-07

Friends Fest Pardubice, 2018-08

The festoval of American culture and way of life. 

US Ambassador, Mr. King visited our WW II military camp on August 11th, 2018. 

Lesany Muzeum - Tank Day 2018-09 

NATO Days in Ostravě 2018-09