Year 2014

Kovářská, 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Ore Mountains

Unlike the previous two years, when we were literally roasting in the sun, this year the Ore Mountains showed us their real face. On Friday we built a camp with a traditional cinema in the fog and rain. In the evening there was a premiere of the film Sahara and even late at night we were still saving Private Ryan. On Saturday the weather cleared out and the program was not disturbed and definitely worth it. A perfect convoy, parachutists, Piper flight and a traditional exhibition of gear. In the evening we drove to the drop off site of B-17 and we got a private evening tour of the museum. 


Drop Zone 1944

Cerhenické ponds, remotely resembling  the Netherlands, seem as a perfect location for the Operation Market Garden. On the narrow shore two shoot outs between 101 airborne and Germans are taking place. In the course of the day the American bomber is shot down and the pilots are rescued with the help of the Dutch Resistance.  There is a rich and entertaining programme, where we present our M8.

Foto Dibi  

Tank Day Lešany

Tank Day Lešany has become one of our regular events. As 2014 is a year of the seventieth anniversary of the invasion, tank day Lešany cannot be missed. In the cramped space, together with 82 and 101 Airborne, we carry out a fierce firefight against the Germans, who are supported by the Tiger. We have M36 Jaskson from Lešany behind us, which can cope with the Tiger very well while we are dealing with the cannon crew.




Sahara - Normandy 1944

The biggest event of the year has been Slovakian Sahara. We leave in a convoy of thirteen vehicles on Thursday, the same night we occupy Blížkovice and we reach our destination the next day around noon. This year's Sahara is again devoted to the fights in Normandy. We are reinforces by Sherman tank and the Sexton self-propelled gun. The battle is full of shifts, air raids and, of course, sand. It ends in victory for us which we celebrate together with our enemies till late at night.





Aviation fair 2014

This year's aviation fair is not in favour of the Second World War but we are still taking part in it as prisoners of war. The main theme is Vietnam. We are joining both sides - the Americans and the Vietcong – and are fighting under the watchful eye of Walker, who is circling above us in a helicopter and giving the Vietnamese a hard time.



Normandy 2014

Normandy or Aviation fair? These two events overlap. A part of the 16th Armored, together with Kladno 82nd are setting off for a week tour on the beaches of Normandy, visiting all the beaches and significant sites associated with the landing of the Allies in 1944.

Foto Rogi

Bailey Bridge

The last Bailey Bridge? It may be so and therefore we cannot miss it. To us familiar place with a silhouette of the bridge is again turning into a place of a fierce battle. Cameraman Thomas went to explore the terrain with British troops whereas Radek captured the American advance. Jirka photographed it all. As usual, we were caught in a heavy rain upon our arrival and before departure.

Foto Jirka Zídek

Video Tomáš Hradec

Video Radek Syka

Last Shot - Milin

Only few people know that the last shots of World War II in Europe were shot in Czechoslovakia. This event is commemorated in Milín every year. We have been invited by local clubs to its reconstruction. On the way we were stopped by a clogged fuel supply of B31, but after an effective teamwork we could continue.


Foto: Walker

Foto: Vik Plas

Liberation Festival 2014

For this year's Liberation Festival we settled in a new non-traditional place near Plzen Zoo. In the contemporary camp, 16th Armored, together with other clubs introduced a new acquisition  - Halftrack. Like the previous two years we drove as a head of historical convoy down the Klatovská boulevard. 

Foto Pavel Kopřiva

Video ČT

Video ČT

A ride with the 4th Armored

A year passed quickly and we set off for another ride organized by the 4th Armored from Pelhřimov. The number of our vehicles has grown again and a small army could just start moving. A week tour started in South Bohemia, ended up in Pilsen and was full of surprises, such as packet of sweets from home or furiously fighting Germans..


Foto Catherine Davis

Video - Charlie Milewski film

Operation Varsity - Křinec

This year’s first combat action was mainly supposed to test all our vehicles before the May ride. On Friday we arrived at the place. On Saturday a commemoration ceremony was held and a memorial plaque of General Vladimír Přikryl was uncovered. In the afternoon there was a demonstration of Operation Varsity. Even though it was planned, we did not stay until Sunday and we left on Saturday around eight in the evening.



Halfstan Day :-)

Season 2014 is coming and it is necessary to check our new acquisitions. After many years and with the help of many friend, we could build our new tent, which appeared to be in a perfect condition. Also a halftrack is undergoing intensive preparation and it will be introduced in Nymburk in April. We thank all our friends for their help.